March, I’m back.

Long time since my last post, and here we are on the 3rd month of 2016.

Several things was went through me for the last five months; trip to Sumatra, an ex whom was finally married, learning hard for an IELTS score, losing-gaining weight, chasing my soul-car, and rolling in a new responsibilities. Well, life is full of changing cycle.

Sitting in a new responsibilities might be my biggest change these time. For the last two months, I embrace a change to sit and take responsibility to lead 5 people under me. They are more senior and more experienced in terms of career, older than me for sure.

I am new to this.

Leading several people was once happened during my campus life, but this is totally different. In working life, several stages are needed to went through before you sit in certain position. People will look at your experience, your history, and most importantly, your capability. If you fail to show, people will fail you.

Several equipment was once promised to be equipped to face this challenge, but then I realize, good character is one thing that matters. The main weapon that every single human needs to have.

As a young Indonesians, it is a common thing to talk and give comments about how politics in this country went wrong. How we need a change, how we need someone who is strong enough to break the wall and create a better living environment. But I always end up this discussion with… we cannot make a change, before blending ourselves in the turbulence.

This is what I try to apply. Not as easy as what I thought, but several things start to run well. Some may not. Deep in, fix slowly. Take a deep breath. Shows that the interpersonal skills will determine a great results.

Apart from the challenge, I realize, it has really taught me to stand on my own feet. Without any shoulder surrounds, except from family and beloved ones.

Well, life still moving on.

Suci Ariyanti is a postgraduate degree student of Halmstad University, Sweden. She was born at Jakarta, 1992. Awarded a scholarship from Swedish Institute, she flew far away from her hometown, Indonesia, to pursue her study and dream to travel the world.

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