The Extraction

Two days ago, I just had a minor surgery.
Well, that word might too exaggerated, I just had my tooth extracted. That sounds like an ordinary situation that most people might have experienced during their old days (on any age with old teeth, I mean). Though, it was my first time.
After a long months, that left-rearmost-teeth has been hugely perforated and get replaced with certain things by the dentist. Suddenly, 1/4 of it was cracked and broke. I left the non-painful hole for almost a month before it get cured by the dentist, once more.
However, without I realize, the damage has been crossed onto the root. Two days before the teeth was extracted, it has hurts me the most. The pain causes by the post-extraction has also tortured me even more. A long night was spend with tears and cry, pillows hug, and blanket warmed. Just like the tiny little girl fixing a broken heart.
It was amazing to feel that one of the tiny parts of you, were able to generate the pain on the overall body. The small part has gone, causing you the imbalances, controlling your brain works, and having you lost of controls.
This….. has also remind me of something. Somehow, sometimes, you need to let go some broken things of you, that has too much damaged and incapable to be repaired. For the sake of a better tomorrow, without have to holding back on something you did not even know.
That might be hard and cause you an illness for a while, but one day you’ll realize, that it was the most suit decision to bring back the goods of life.

Suci Ariyanti is a postgraduate degree student of Halmstad University, Sweden. She was born at Jakarta, 1992. Awarded a scholarship from Swedish Institute, she flew far away from her hometown, Indonesia, to pursue her study and dream to travel the world.

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