The Lines

Dear Universe,
At some point of life, I knew that all the things happen today, is trully because what I did on the past. Then, when I felt soooo guilty and miserably regret on what I decide on the past, again, if it wasn’t happened, I knew that the most precious things today wouldn’t be here too. Then I try to let go.
Dear Universe,
Did you know that each people has their life lines, as shows on the picture above? I do believe on it. Looking at the picture, first is the parallel lines. What I assume that parallel lines is me between all the 2,5 billion people in the world. Many people just went across me on the train, airplanes, or maybe at the same territory at work. But we never know each other or involved in any parts of life. we never was and we never will be. Because our life lines never meet.
Then, the pair of lines.
A pretty sad lines. In the real life, maybe it is not only one pair of lines but a thousand. Assume that I have 50 meters line which describe my 50 years age of life. The 10 meters beginning, I met many people in my primary school friends. We were play together, biking and flirting as a primary school kids. The next 10 meters, the line will intersects with the people on my junior-high-school and college friends. Which most of them are the people which accompany me to grow up by having fun together. By the time, we then realize, that our lines only meet once. Only at a certain places, school, or territory. After all, we should make loads of efforts, to make the line meets. Or it will only drifting away and we will never meet again.
At this point I also realizing something. When the line is intersecting each other, it filled with a time. The lines maybe only meet for 6 months, 3 years, or 4 years. After the time of intersection, each line continue its own rally and drifting apart forever. It happens to some people. No matter how hard I try, how much we try, the lines has met and has drifted each other away. The story has just ended. Forever.
Sad, though.
Luckily we live at the era where the social media is exist. So maybe the virtual lines also exists, and it can meets each other virtually, even it won’t happened in the real life lines.
And yes, everything happens for a reason. Isn’t it, God?
The exceptional one does exists.
I’m not so good at math and physics, but knowing that pair of sine and cosine could gloriously making a perfect intersection is amazing. I also assume that they are not only intersecting, but also two become one. It needs a lot of hard works, ups-downs of life, but after all the years of waves and frequency, it can create a perfect composition than ever! Another good thing is, we can choose with whom or do whatever we want to make a brighter future. Yes, we cannot change the past, but we can look forward to see how much we can do now to make things better ahead.
Pretend that we are a sine, let’s look out for our own cosine.

Suci Ariyanti is a postgraduate degree student of Halmstad University, Sweden. She was born at Jakarta, 1992. Awarded a scholarship from Swedish Institute, she flew far away from her hometown, Indonesia, to pursue her study and dream to travel the world.

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