Tokyo – CIEP

Since I was a kid, I always love to draw some picture. Starting from a crayon, until I can even draw my own manga-girl and scan it into PC. I really loved to see anime, every Sunday I always woke early in the morning just to see DoraemonWedding PeachInuyasha,  and others. I loved to hear Utada Hikaru’s song, starring at the very handsome Takuya Kimura and fascinating on the beautifulness of Kyoko Fukada. I began to fall into Itazura na Kiss, Kamisama and Friends.

Japan, is the only country that I want to visit the most.

But then, as the time goes by, I found that I am not the only one. There were so many people who also fascinating on Japan. I found the people who are really addicted to J-Pop and some of them even doing Cosplay to act like one of the anime creature they loved. I began exhausted to see that kind of people and all Japanese things. Like a little girl who lost her only one doll, I just don’t want to see another people loved the same thing that I fond of. By then, I decided to leave the Japanese thingy and did not really eager to have a dream to visit japan.

As I grew up, discover the world is became one of my dreams.

Several opportunities came from an exchange program at the university. Japan is one of the countries that giving many chances through education program. Four years ago, My friend and I were applied for an exchange program called Jenesys, to visit Japan. He got accepted, yet I am not.

Another story, I have applied for the same program which was firstly arranged for university student. Result? I got rejected for the second time. Goes on, there was also another exchange program that rejected me. What a life. Hahaha.

God knows best.

Here I am, writing this text in between my flight from Jakarta to Tokyo, as a dream come true. In Comprehensive International Exchange Program (CIEP) 2012 program, I am happily get the chance to represent my university, Bogor Agricultural University, to attend the short course in Japan. All I need to do now is grateful, do my best and get a perfect GPA on this short 8 days. Wish me a good luck. Trust me, Allah is very kind 🙂

Jakarta – KL – Haneda, Tokyo.

Suci Ariyanti is a postgraduate degree student of Halmstad University, Sweden. She was born at Jakarta, 1992. Awarded a scholarship from Swedish Institute, she flew far away from her hometown, Indonesia, to pursue her study and dream to travel the world.

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